Plaque commemorating D.L. Palmer, Musician to the Blind, 1882-1955. It was installed in Ormond Hall, circa 1960. David Palmer was a music teacher and Director of Music at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (R.V.I.B.) for over 40 years and conducted the R.V.B.I. choir and orchestra. The orchestra had about twenty musicians, all of whom were vision impaired, and was popular with the public for dances and events. Mr Palmer and the other music teachers would transcribe over a thousand sheets of music every year for the orchestra into braille.

Physical Description

Copper plaque mounted on wooden block, dedicated to D.L. Palmer, 1882-1955, Musician to the Blind. There is quite a striking design of a head in profile with wavy lines across it, raised, and above this the inscription in Braille. Indecipherable markings at top, could be signature of the artist.

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