Booklet entitled: 'These Are Yours', presenting a series of vlaues that are 'yours' upon becoming an Australian citizen. These include: your queen, your loyalty, your rights, your country, your government, your neighbours, your future, your flag. The book is produced as a gift to new Australian citizens by the Department of Immigration,published by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration, 1950s.

This book represents the ways in which Australia strongly identified as a part of the British Empire and Westminster system of governmen, a particularly national identity which still strongly attached to its British colonial roots.

Physical Description

24 page booklet with glossy blue cover and black and white and colour images throughout. Cover features a map of Australia, crown, southern cross and Australian flag.


The Migration collection holds a large collection of material representing how Australia was presented and promoted to potential migrants from the mid 19th through to the early 21st centuries - it is particularly strong in mid-19th and mid 20th century British-targeted publications. This book portrays a particularly British-loyal nation to new citizens.

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