The State Schools Exhibition was opened on 5 September 1906. It was designed to show the new educational philosophy of 'learning by doing', and the new subjects taught. During the 16 days it was open, over 230,000 people, including many children, visited. There were examples of drawing, a 'sloyd centre', school room showing modern furniture, cooking classes, exhibits of flowers and lectures. This book was printed by Edgerton & Moore as a souvenir of the Exhibition and includes descriptions of the various exhibits as well as essays on modern schooling theory.

Physical Description

Purple hard covered souvenir book of the State Schools Exhibition 1906 containing 86 pages of photographs and essays which relate the work of the Education Department in Victoria. The fly leaf is decorated with a green floral pattern. At the front of the book are black and white photographs of the opening of the State Schools Exhibition at the Exhibition Building on September 5 1906. From page 48 there are black and white photographs of the Exhibition Oval.

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