Black and white image of an attempt to break the Australian pole sitting record, held in conjunction with the Australian Professional Ballroom Championships at the Exhibition Building, Melbourne during August 1947. A newspaper report from the Argus on Monday 25th August described the event: '10,000 went to see Pole Sitters: Indicating either Melbourne's renewed interest in pole-sitting championships after a lapse of 19 years, or its desperate lack of somewhere to go on Sunday, about 10,000 people went to the Exhibition Buildings yesterday to stare up three poles. At the top of each pole is a small platform, and on each platform is a small armchair, in which is seated an aspirant for the honour and distinction of the title of champion pole-sitter of Australia...Yesterday was their second day, and last night their third night, of elevated misanthropic detachment, cramp, and stiff necks, but at 8pm they were adamant that at 5.15pm on Thursday, when a new Australian record would be established, they would all be on their perches. The Australian pole-sitting record is seven days.'

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Part of the eastern facade of the Exhibition Building. In the foreground, a group of men and women watching a pole-sitting competitor. He is sitting on a platform at the top of a pole. A banner on the building, partially visible, reads Empire Ballroom / August 23.

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Black and white photograph.

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