This is a colour postcard of the western facade and forecourt of the Exhibition Building circa 1905. The postcard, which is unused, was made by Harding & Billing, Sydney & Auckland.

During the 1888-1889 Centennial International Exhibition temporary annexes were built in the western forecourt. After the Exhibition the annexes were removed and a circular garden similar to the one planted for the 1880-1881 Melbourne International Exhibition was reinstated.

The division of the reverse of the postcard, allowing a message to be written on one half and the address on the other, was not permitted in Australia until 1905.

Physical Description

A colour tinted photograph of the Exhibition Building from the western entrance showing forecourt, circular driveway and garden with an urn on the outer edge of the parterre. The image is surrounded by a border of thin lines and dots, slightly embossed, in green. In the lower right hand corner the number 24 is printed. On the reverse, the initials HB on an artists palette indicate that the card was made by Harding & Billings. On the reverse of the card there is space to write a message and an address. The card is unused.

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