This is a black & white postcard featuring an artistic impression of the roof of the Exhibition Building below the word 'Melbourne', made in 1906. The postcard, which was sent from Australia to England in August 1906, contains a montage of black & white photographs within the letters 'Melbourne'. These photographs depict Aboriginal people, street scenes of Melbourne, the Exhibition Building, timber felling, industry, rivers and cattle.

The division of the reverse of the postcard, allowing a message to be written on one half and the address on the other, was not permitted in Australia until 1905.

Physical Description

A black & white postcard with the word 'Melbourne' written horizontally across the front. In the letters there are black & white photographs of buildings, street scenes in Melbourne, Aboriginal people, rivers, timber felling and more. Below the word 'Melbourne' is an outline of the roof of the Exhibition Building. On the reverse of the card there is a handwritten inscription and address in black ink and a one penny Victorian postage stamp in the top right hand corner.

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