This is a colour postcard of a monument to Sir William John Clarke, 1907. The postcard, which was made in Germany, has a handwritten inscription on the reverse and was posted from Adelaide to Clarence Park, South Australia on 2 June 1907.

Sir William John Clarke was the President of the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880-1881. The monument, sculpted by Edgar Bertram Mackennal, was unveiled in July 1902 in the Treasury Gardens, Melbourne.

Physical Description

A colour tinted photograph of the monument to Sir William John Clarke, which is surrounded by a decorative metal post and chain fence. The monument is Grecian in style, with a bust of Sir William at the top. On a column beneath this are the figures of a young woman and man. The woman is standing and has a laurel wreath in her hand. The young man is sitting. A garden with extensive trees is visible behind the statue. On the reverse of the postcard there is a handwritten address and message. In the upper right hand corner there is an orange one penny, South Australian postage stamp.

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