A sheet of paper with handwritten entries on each side. On one side, David Mitchell's 'Profits on Contracts for 10 Years', 1866-1875 is listed. The total of £27,284.6.6. equates to £2728 per year.The other side of the document is a 'Statement Dec '75', with a list of cash and other investments into existing properties, and the purchase of new properties, to a total value of £52,114.9.11. At the bottom of the page it is noted that 'Profits on Contracts for 1875' were £2500.

David Mitchell was one of the most successful master builders in mid-late 19th century Victoria. In 1878 he won the contract to build the (Royal) Exhibition Building. This document was donated by Jim Gorman's daughter. Gorman worked for, and became manager of, the Mitchell Family Estate 'Doonside'.

Physical Description

Page from a ledger, mauve paper, handwritten in black ink. Obverse, Statement for December 1875 detailing transactions and profits for specified properties in that month. Reverse, memo detailing profits on contracts between 1866 and 1875.

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