Four coloured swap cards depicting Olympic events held at the Exhibition Building, 1956. The (Royal) Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, was the venue for weight lifting, wrestling, basketball, fencing and modern pentathlon events during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. A special annexe was erected to serve as a basketball stadium; this was demolished in 1972. Other events were held under the dome in the Great Hall.

Physical Description

Four coloured swap cards. One card shows the southern facade of the Exhibition Building with the lake in the foreground. A second card shows two men wrestling in a ring with a large crowd looking on. A third card shows a mens basketball match and the fourth card shows a man weight lifting with a judge and crowd in the background; this card also shows some of the interior of the Great Hall. Logo of the Olympic games - the Olympic torch and Olympic rings - are printed in the top corner of each card. Reverse is plain white with grey text.

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