Alternative Name(s): Wringer, Spin Dryer

Autodrie Wringer, hand-powered. Small green-coloured cylinder with an internal drum and external hose attachment. It was made in Australia circa1933 and used in Glen Iris, Victoria, circa 1939-1942.

The Autodrie was attached to a laundry trough; a piece of wood was placed between the clamps and the trough to protect the trough from vibrations. Prior to using the Autodrie, the donor had used a hand wringer. The Autodrie was used for nappies and woollen clothes which the donor records would 'come out fluffy'. The Autodrie was too small for sheets. The donor was not aware of anyone else who used to use a spin dryer, though acknowledges 'no one was particular' in discussing their appliances. Once the children were out of nappies, the Autodrie was no longer used.

Physical Description

A cylindrical, hand powered dryer, painted green, with central drum. EXTERIOR: cylindrical with horizontal banding at top and bottom. A metal tag with company information attached under upper banding. Below tag, a tap for water outlet. Opposite side, a metal pipe with rubber hose attached. A metal screw attachment for connecting the hose to a tap at end of hose, with company name moulded on screw end. Underside: 2 circular holes, one plugged. 2 clamps for attachment to shelf. LID: 3 regularly spaced concentric bands. HANDLE - flattened disk at centre. INTERIOR: painted yellow. Cylindrical drum, regularly pierced with holes. Rounded base. Central spindle. Flat piece of wood (for placing between clamps and bench) and piece of blue hose sit in drum.

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