Alternative Name(s): Dish
Papier Mache bowl made by the African Women's Group, in Melbourne, 1992, as part of a programme to maintain traditional skills as well as pass such skills on to other women. Bowls such as these are sold by the group to raise funds for continued work by members.

These types of bowls were traditionally used as food containers. Papier mache dishes were traditionally made through necessity, from discarded newspapers and a paste made with water and flour milled in the previous years harvest. The traditional method of making these bowls is used by the group and the women view it as their contribution to re-cycling waste products and helping to keep the environment clean.

Physical Description

Circular bowl made of papier mache and decorated in oil paint. Final coat of varnish has been applied unevenly. Bowl is quite deep. Inside sur face painted, featuring brown ground, green five pointed star in centre, circled by shapes including red triangle, blue circle, red triangle, white circle, yellow square. Edging painted white. Outside surface plain dark blue.

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