Automatic tea maker, the 'Goblin', made by B.V.C. & Eng. Co, prior to 1939. It was intended for bedside use, with an alarm to set at night; the following morning at the designated hour the alarm clock would sound and kettle would be activitated.

It was used in Toorak, Victoria, in 1936.

Physical Description

Automatic tea-making machine in the art deco style. Comprises: .1: bottom tray of cream-painted wood. .2: main unit with clock, lamps and rest for teapot and kettle, also of cream-painted wood. Front of unit has square clock-face. .3: white glazed ceramic teapot, art deco in style. The teapot is square with handle and spout set on the corners. .4: teapot lid, diamond shaped with a hole for the spout of the kettle. .5: aluminium-plated kettle, square in shape with decorative horizontal ridge. .6: screw-in lid for kettle with semi-circular bakelite handle.

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