Treadle Singer sewing machine used in a mental health hospital, Victoria, Australia, circa 1925

Physical Description

Treadle sewing machine (31-20) on cast iron stand which consists mainly of 2 curved grillwork ends which taper slightly toward top and have markedly concave sides. Connected by H-shaped piece across centre. Large flywheel, operated by square treadle close to floor is attached to righthand stand-end. Leather fly-belt connects to operating wheel on machine. Machine is set in wooden table top which is screwed to top of stand. Has 1 small drawer under front left-hand side, (inside are 4 bobbins).Table has hinged leaves at back and on lefthand end. Small brass subsidiary cog-wheel screwed to front, right corner of table which can be tilted to connect with flybelt where it emerges through hole in table.


Example of sewing equipment used in Victorian mental health hospitals

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