Handmade seed drill made at a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia, circa 1890. It would have been used in the kitchen garden of a Victorian mental health hospital, Australia, circa 1890.

Physical Description

Wooden seed-drill intricately assembled from scraps of timber, iron and wire. Has long ladder-shaped handles set at 45 degree angle and wider at upper end. Chassis, on flat, square frame has 2 steel-rimmed four-spoke wooden wheels each side at back and 1 smaller wheel in front. On top of chassis is solidly built deep, narrow, seed box. Set through front of it is a wheel with row of spikes (reversed nails) every 4cm around rim. It is turned by bicycle chain from back axle (right side) and designed to throw seed from box up over wheel and down through chute in front, into ground. Wheel and box covered in by 2 shaped, hinged lids of wood blocks and tin.

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