Handmade onion planter made by patients at a mental health hospital in Victoria, Australia, circa 1890. It would have been used in the garden of a Victorian mental health hospital.

Physical Description

Garden onion planter has ladder-shaped wooden handle set at 45 degree angle and wider at top. Wooden chassis made up of intricate network of blocks, shafts and fencing wire tapering slightly to front. There are 3 iron-rimmed four-spoke wooden wheels - 1 in front and 2 on the sides. In the centre is a round drum around another wooden wheel, turned by bicycle chain round cog on axle and inside right-hand side-wheel. Between drum and handle is onion holder - narrow based, open box with floor, galvanised iron sides, hinged plywood back and drum as front wall. Outside of drum has diagonal rows of wire spikes every 16cm.

More Information