Deluxe Washing Machine made by Lightburn & Co Ltd, circa 1955. It was found at a beach house purchased by the donor at Shoreham in 1988. The machine was used only once by the donor to satisfy their curiosity and they found that it washed very well.

Registered Design Numbers: 233639-43, 273027735, 2730227736, 24231, 26634/38.
Australian Patent Numbers: 135734, 143734, 1435758, 143394, 142717

Physical Description

Industrial looking metal unit, cream in colour. Twin tub. Larger tub rotates to wash the clothes and contains a black rubber tube. Smaller tub spin dries and contains a black rubber tube with smaller diameter than the one in the large tub. There is a white rubber tube attached to the back of the unit. The large tub has a screw out plug in the bottom.

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