Alternative Name(s): Barrel Vacuum

Electrolux vacuum cleaner and accessories, made circa 1953-54 and purchased around that time from a second hand shop in Melbourne by donor after he first immigrated from England. He arrived in 1951. The donor commonly called it "Bessie". He used it until about 1974, using it to clean his car. A few non-original parts are included with the vacuum cleaner.

Physical Description

Barrel-style vacuum cleaner with red body and black ends. Parts: 1 vacuum cleaner; .2 dust bag; .3 end cover; .4 hose (plastic nozzle not original); .5 metal tube; .6 plastic tube - not original; .7 plastic tube - not original and repaired; .8 metal connection; .9 metal utility nozzle; .10 carpet pivot nozzle, plastic (not original); .11 plastic crevice nozzle, (not original); .12 dusting brush, wood base; .13 dusting brush, metal and plastic, not original - from Hoover.

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