Alternative Name(s): Scrap Book, Guarded Scrapbook

Scrapbook probably made circa 1880-1910. The pictures in the book are highly romanticized or stereotypical images, of the sort bought for a few pennies apiece in late Victorian times. The scrapbook has no hand-writing and its provenance is unknown. It was acquired with another scrapbook, also of unknown provenance - SH880820.

Scrapbooking was a favoured pastime of children and adults in this period.

Physical Description

Hard bound guarded scrapbook (every second and third page removed to allow space for adhered content) with text in gold lettering on spine. Extensive pictures pasted onto pages. Images include flowers, wildlife, pets, children and adults in traditional or culturally-stereotypical clothing and poses, advertisements - for example, Cocoa, depicting dark-skinned infants, religious or sentimental thoughts, and parts of birthday and Christmas cards. A small piece of fern is tucked into the centre at the 7th page. Most of the images are commercially-made, but one is an original pencil drawing of a rose. Cover detached.

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