Note: This object includes elements appropriated from Chinese culture and heritage. Such cultural appropriation is not condoned by Museums Victoria which considers it to be inappropriate, even racist. Historical distance and context does not excuse or erase this fact.

Chinese Star Checkers game, made by John Sands Pty Ltd, circa 1940 - 1942. It was given 'To Esther and Merle, For Xmas 1942. From Auntie Edie'.

Physical Description

Chinese Star Checkers game comprising: Playing surface - cardboard base which fits inside box bottom, consisting of a series of large holes in the shape of a hexagonal star. Around the edge are illustrations of chinese subjects. 60 small wooden cylinders, 10 each: blue, green, pink, brown, yellow and white. These are the playing pieces, one colour for each player. The cylinders are placed in the holes on the playing surface. Small card- board box for playing pieces. The bottom of the box (.4) has a piece of paper attached which reads "Chinese STAR/CHECKERS/CONTENTS/60 MARBLES". Box lid of game, features a picture of a dragon and reads "Chinese/STAR/CHECKERS/A/Game /from the/Orient/for/All Ages" Underside of lid has rules for playing Chinese Checkers and details of manufacturer Box bottom

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