Small Chinese doll dressed in red tunic and green trousers, probably made circa 1900s-1920s.

Physical Description

Small Chinese doll dressed in red tunic and green trousers. Coloured braid used as decoration around collar, sleeves and hem of tunic, while green braid is used to indicate buttons across the front of the tunic. Red braid is used around the hem of the trousers, and a flower is embroidered on the front of each leg. The head, body, hands and feet of the doll are made from wood. Both the hands and feet are painted, with features such as the eyes, eyebrows and hair detailed in black. The mouth is also painted and is red in colour. A hole in each of the doll's ears and markings on the top of the head seems to suggest that some type of head-dress may have constituted part of the costume. On the dolls feet, blue slippers are worn, decorated with red braid and thread.

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