Toy bonnet made by Mrs Johanna Harry Hillier, nee Gyles, circa 1929-1935, in which was stored toys made from MacRobertson's Max Mint wrappers of waxed paper, printed with a diamond shape in blue and orange with a background of red and blue zig-zag lines.

Mrs Hillier came to Australia from England in 1881. She was a milliner by trade and made a set of these toys for each of three grandchildren. She began by making the fans and then progressed to a variety of other toys. A set of 56 figures, pieces of furniture, costume and costume accessories was donated to Museums Victoria by one of her granddaughters.

Physical Description

Doll size bonnet made from wire and ribbon frame covered with Max Mints confectionary wrappers. Hat has brim upturned at one end. Pink ribbon sewn into tight wavy undulations around band. Ribbon in bows also on either side of upturned brim. Crown of hat stitched into ruffles and pleats. Hat hand sewn and constructed.


Reason for Acquisition: Mrs Johanna Hillier of Geelong made these toys from the wrapping papers of 'Max Mints', between c.1929 - 1935. The toys, and others not on display, were made for her grand-daughter, and show an incredible attention to detail. There's a wardrobe for each doll, full of clothes, shoes and hats; there are pieces of furniture, and there is even a line of washing to be hung out. Her grand-daughter remembers that the toys were only played with on Sundays, under supervision. [Label for the 'To make something new' display.]

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