A boxed set of six domestic dining table place mats, each with a print of a famous Australian racehorse, including Phar Lap.

Physical Description

Six racehorse place mats in a rectangular box. Each place mat has a print of a well known racehorse on one side and a cork base on the other. The place mats are all the same rectangular shape with the racehorse print in the centre of the place mat surrounded on all sides by a wide green border, edged in white immediately around the print, then fine gold borders between the white and green panels, halfway along the green panel and, finally, bordering the edge of the print with a thicker, gold border. The box has a table setting printed on the top with knives and forks, place mats and flowers in the centre. Inside the box is an information pamphlet detailing facts about the six horses. The pamphlet also acts as a guarantee.

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