Microscope slide paper labels that are printed, unused and bound, used at Museum of Victoria, 1950-2000.
This object forms part of a small collection of items used in the collection management of the Entomology Collection at Museums Victoria during the twentieth century.

Physical Description

Pack of paper labels each with a single circular hole centrally, printed text and a border line printed in black ink. Pack held together by a brown paper strip with its ends glued together. A sample label stuck on the top of the pack.


This collection of office, stationary and storage supplies from the Entomology Department of Museums Victoria captures the manual, paper based approach to collection management in the twentieth century. It includes all manner of labelling including inked stamps, specimen labels for transporting and exchange and the very small square 'National Museum of Victoria' labels which were adhered to all mounted specimens when the Natural Sciences were a distinct and seperate institution. Particularly interesting objects such at the First Aid book reveal the approach to collections hazards and OHS before either of those things became a focus of process. And a series of cigar boxes and medicine conatiners reveal the make-do approach to transporting collection specimens in the period before standarizard storage. Overall this small collection is a significant contribution to the history of the museum, documenting the very practical work behind the scences, caring for the collections.

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