Wedding band made from a Florin Coin, minted during the reign of Kind GeorgeVI (1936-1952), likley made into a ring circa 1937 during the Great Depression.

The 'Great Depression' in Australia was part of the world wide great depression which began in 1929 as a result of the New York Stock Exchange collapse in the USA. Lasting almost ten years, its effects continued during the Second World War. For many Australians, this period proved extremely difficult, due to the very limited availability of work and no government support.

A quantity of gold and silver jewellery disappeared during this period, due to it being sold and melted down for its base mineral value, merely to bring some money into the household. This ring shows that despite these very difficult times, every effort was made to create some form of normality, with couples working to find more afforable ways to mark their commitment to each other.

Physical Description

Silver ring crafted from a Florin coin.

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