Alternative Name(s): Seal, Souvenir

Heart-shaped charm and two other smaller charms, one a seal with thistle motif, with a small note on a personal card inscribed 'Gathered from the Field of Inkerman after Battle'. The Battle of Inkerman occurred during the Crimean War in 1854.

Housed in a velvet lined box with a circular indent, suggesting it was made for a round object such as a medal.

Physical Description

Cardboard, velvet lined case, containing a ring with three charms. The larger charm is made of a heart-shaped piece of stone (initially idenfied as wood) with metal attachment at top connecting it to the larger suspension ring. Also on the ring are two smaller metal charms. One is a signet stamp (seal) of a thistle; the other, with an empty impression in the end, is possibly being a decorative attachment for a chain.

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