Ceramic Dish, made by Midwinter, in Staffordshire, England, used by Clementina Comparin, at her home in Grattan Street, Carlton. Clementina Comparin [nee Crosara] was born circa 1909 in Thiene, Vicenza. She married Giovanni Comparin circa 1929 in Italy. Soon afterwards they departed for Australia, where Giovanni had been living since 1919. Upon their arrival in Melbourne, they lived first in North Melbourne and later moved to a house in Young Street, Fitzroy before moving to Grattan Street. They had two daughters. Their Grattan Street house was refurbished in 1933 and the façade includes features typical of the architectural changes made by Italian immigrants to homes in Carlton. Clementina died in 1986.

Physical Description

Square plate, with rounded corners. Printed with thin green lines, and grey circles in varying sizes with a yellow or red dot in the centre of each grey circle.

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