Doll's head and mould, made by L. J. Sterne Doll Co., Carlton, 1939-1950.

The firm of L. J. Sterne Doll Co. was founded in 1939 by Lionel John Sterne assisted by his wife Hilda Lillian Sterne. L. J. Sterne was originally known as Leo Sternschein. He was born in Linz, Austria in 1899 and died in Melbourne in 1989. The firm manufactured dolls which were used in television shows, some of which became very popular, such as Gerry Gee and Fred Bear. Leo Sterne maintained the collection for 18 years after his retirement.

Physical Description

Doll's head and mould: .1 & .2: plaster mould for doll's head. .1: back of head, with some texture inside mould to indicate hair. .2: face, with infantile features; short hair. The moulds include the neck and part of shoulders. .3: a doll's head (cast from .1 & .2) is missing nose, neck and shoulders (broken off). All three pieces have been sealed with a liquid sealant, brushed on.

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