A pair of black, textured lace-up "Oliver Hy-Test" brand leather work boots with black laces, in a cardboard box with lid. The boots appear unworn.

Donated as part of the Whelan collection, a range of objects collected by workers and staff at Whelan the Wrecker, a famous Melbourne demolition and scrap merchant's company. The collection was acquired by the Museum in 1991 when the company went into receivership.

Physical Description

Black textured leather work boots with black laces in a cardboard box with lid. The bottom of the cardboard box is thin, plain cardboard, rectangular with a round hole in each side end. The top of the cardboard box is coloured with red and black alternate stripes forming a square. The lid fits over the bottom of the box. The boots are ankle height with a rounded, steel-capped toe. The facing contains five eyelets. Black, thick cotton loops are sewn into the top of the back of the boot. The soles of the boots are thick rubber with tread in rectangular and shaped sections. Thick cotton thread is machine sewn throughout. Identical black, cotton laces, plaited and forming a thin, cylindrical shape with a black plastic tube fitted onto the tapered ends.

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