Pair of white leather baby's shoes, used in Albert Park, Melbourne, circa 1909-1911. Acquired in 1990 during the South Melbourne Oral History project. They were worn by the donor at the age of 18 months - 2 years. She kept the shoes as a childhood memento.

The Museum of Victoria undertook the South Melbourne Oral History project to document the domestic lives of people in South Melbourne. Liza Dale curated the project, and Karen Twigg was the oral history co-ordinator. Marilyn Lake was the Latrobe University supervisor, and students interviewed the South Melbourne residents. The project was funded by the Victorian Women's Trust. The Museum holds files and transcripts, as well as a disc containing transcripts.

Physical Description

Pair of white leather baby shoes with button-up ankle strap. Leather has been given a satin finish and is lined with white cloth. The shoes have been soled with white leather.

More Information