Leaflet 'When to Stop', issued by the Independent Order of Rechabites and printed by Jenkin Buxton & Co., April 1935. The leaflet is promoting the Junior Rechabites. The Junior Rechabites were open to children between 7 and 16, and were run by the International Order of Rechabites, a temperance Friendly Society. The Junior Rechabites aimed to teach the principles of temperance while encouraging children to become total abstainers.

Physical Description

Two-sided leaflet, on front is a notice advising that the Local Junior Tent (Girls' Section) meets every alternate Wednesday at the Rechabite Hall, Parliament St., and that the next meeting is on 11 December 1935. In the background is a sepia photograph of many children, including babies, in formal dress. On the reverse of the leaflet is information about payments and benefits to members of the Junior Rechabites; they include contributions towards full sick and funeral benefits at age 16, and a funeral grant for juniors. Contributions were a half-penny a week towards the meetings, and halfpenny a week (non-compulsory) towards sickness benefits in the future. There is also an advertisement promoting total abstinence towards alcohol.

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