Certificate of membership (unused) published by the Independent Order of Rechabites during the late nineteenth century. The certificate is within a purple coloured cardboard folder. It was made circa 1880-1899

The Independent Order of Rechabites was a friendly society, which was founded in Salford, England in 1835. The Order was part of the temperance movement. The name of the Order was inspired by the Rechabites, who feature in the 35th Chapter of Jeremiah. The founders of the Order were concerned that many friendly societies met in public houses and their members were therefore vulnerable to the temptations of alcohol. The Order spread around the world. There were branches in New Zealand, Australia, the United States and India. Branches were known as 'tents' and presided over by High Chief Rulers, who were assisted by Inside and Outside Guardians, a Levite of the Tent and a group of Elders. Before joining the Order, a prospective member had to sign a pledge that they and their family would abstain from alcohol.

Physical Description

Certificate has a purple cover with inscribed gilt writing. Inside is an ornate coloured certificate with a Rechabite crest on top left hand side with written text. The crest includes two allegorical women , one perhaps an angel; Noah's Ark, shipwreck, St George and the Dragon, roses, beehive, sun, moon and stars, a lamb, the all-seeing eye, and other motifs. There are several national crests with text on the bottom left. The right hand side has text as below, not filled in with any name.

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