Alternative Name(s): Knitting Booklet, Pattern Book.

Sun-Glo knitting book, Series 34, printed by W.T. Baker and Co. Pty Ltd, 190 York Street North Sydney, circa 1939-1945. It includes patterns for a knitted dress, short-sleeved cardigans and jumpers (pullovers).

The book explains that 'Most of the machines that in past years have made millions of skeins of Sun-Glo and Sunbeam Wools are working at full pressure to fulfil Australia's wartime needs. The bulk of our production is now requisitioned for the Defence Department. We are, of course, still manufacturing these wools for your knitting requirements, too. But our margins of reserve stock must necessarily be smaller than in peace-time. So if your retailer cannoer immediately supply you with certain shades or qualities, please make allowance for our difficult wartime manufacturing problems, and remember the greater needs of our men overseas. IN SERVING AUSTRALIA FIRST, WE ARE ALSO SERVING YOU.'

Physical Description

12 page knitting booklet containing patterns for ladies hand knitted dresses, jumpers and cardigans. Front cover shows a lady wearing a knitted pleated dress. Inside front cover lower page note referring to problems that may be encountered trying to buy knitting wool as Defence Department is requisitioning majority of production.

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