Christmas Card made by Valentine's Cards circa 1950s. It features a horse drawn carriage in the snow. It one of a series of cards collected by Mrs. Peg Harris who lived at Tollerton, Templeton Street, Avoca. The card is from Arthur, Betty and Keith it is not addressed to anyone specifically.

Margaret 'Peg' Preston Harris (nee Brereton) grew up at 'Tollerton' with her mother Sara Brereton (nee Preston) and father William Brereton, along with her sister Nellie (who died young) and five step brothers and sisters, Grace, William, Gordon, Charles, Lillian and Florence (from William's first marriage). Margaret remained in the house when she married William Harris. The couple had two sons Terence and John. The cards feature many of Margaret's immediate and extended family.

Physical Description

Piece of thin white card and piece of white paper fastened with red ribbon and folded in half to give four pages. On front is an embossed illustration in brown, yellow and blue of a snow scene depicting travellers on a coach drawn by four horses.

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