This is a prayer card issued by the Gleaners' Union.The card also functioned as an encouragement to young members to remember the Society in their prayers. On the back of the card is printed a daily prayer for use by members. The prayer praises God for his gifts, asks 'Teach us how to labour and to pray for the conversion of the Heathen, the Mohammedan, and the Jew', and prays for the work of the Church Missionary Society.

The Gleaners' Union was a sub- group of the Church Missionary Society, which was a missionary society associated with the evangelical section of the Church of England, with branches in Australia. The Society sent missionaries to many parts of the world, especially to Africa.

Physical Description

Small coloured cardboard card, printed both sides. The front is printed in purple and green ink. The front includes a drawing of purple flowers covering the upper half of the card. Two Biblical verses, one from Psalm 126.3, the second from John 1.50, are printed underneath. The back of the card includes a daily prayer, printed in black ink.

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