Highly-coloured certificate issued by the Sunday School Branch of the Young Australia Temperance league, part of the Independent Order of Rechabites (I.O.R.) in Melbourne. The certificate, printed by Jenkin, Buxton & Co in Melbourne, commemorates the pledge taken by Thelma Naunton against 'intoxicating liquors' in 1913.

The Young Australia Temperance League was an initiative of the I.O.R. to promote temperance among young people. It uses many of the symbols of Australian patriotism - the flag, Australian flora and a map of Australia - later used in certificates commemorating patriotism during the First World War.

Physical Description

Highly-coloured certificate printed on card. Images include a young man in knickerbockers holding an Australian flag, near a young woman in white, seated; Australian flora including wattle, Sturt's desert pea, pink heath, red flowering gum and flannel flower, a shield with the legend 'Advance Australia', and an outline map of Australia.

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