Alternative Name(s): Flyer, Handout

Yellow leaflet titled 'FLAUNT YOUR FETISH II', advertising performances of various bands and dancers at the Tote Hotel in Collingwood for the Flaunt Your Fetish mixed gay event. Made around 1991-1992 and used in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Information on costs, times, date, venue and the sponsors are provided.

From a collection of posters and ephemera displayed on the walls of Mario's Cafe, 303 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, between December 1991 and Easter 1992. The collection was removed when the wall was repainted and renovated. Posters were put up with tape and 'Blu-tac'; some damage to some items resulted when these were removed. The collection, including repeats, is essentially as it was when removed (cigarette smoke included). The donor noted that 'Mario's Cafe in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy is one of the very popular 'cool' places to be. It accumulates on its walls an extraordinary plethora of posters and ephemera. ...'

Part of a Museum Victoria collection documenting the material culture of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities in Victoria. In 2005 the Museum joined with the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives and the State Library of Victoria to conducted a survey of GLBT material culture in public and private collections in Victoria. Refer Kate Davison (2006), Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Material Survey: Project Report 2006.

Physical Description

A4 yellow leaflet. Black ink. Thick black border. Headings appear in thick, bold print. At the top left and bottom right corners the border is wider and extends to the edge of the printed text. The first heading appears in elaborate print with an enlarged decorative first letter. Parts of the written text are in lighter print which appear in the centre of the leaflet.

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