Made: circa 1991 - 1992
Used: Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia, circa 1991 - 1992
'Moments Ecstasies' was a Midsumma (GLBT) event.

From a collection of posters and ephemera displayed on the walls of Mario's Cafe, 303 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, between December 1991 and Easter 1992. The collection was removed when the wall was repainted and renovated. Posters were put up with tape and 'blu-tack'; some damage to some items resulted when these were removed. The collection, including repeats, is essentially as it was when removed (cigarette smoke included).

Donor's letter reads 'Mario's Cafe in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy is one of the very popular 'cool' places to be. It accumulates on its walls an extraordinary plethora of posters and ephemera. This accumulation of material is normally destroyed, ...' (see Supplementary File for complete text.)

Physical Description

White A4 size paper. Black printed text. Couloured religious picture. Advertising exhibition.

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