Note: This object includes cultural stereotyping. Such representations are not condoned by Museums Victoria which considers them to be racist. Historical distance and context do not excuse or erase this fact.

Badge with the text Bewdiful. It was part of the contents of Comedy Company Show Bag, which had two smaller showbags contained in a larger one, it was purchased $5.00 in 1990. The badge is a reference to Con The Fruiterer's well known catch phrase 'Bewdiful'.

The Comedy Company was an Australian comedy television series first aired from 16 February 1988 until November 1990 on Network Ten, It was created and directed by Ian McFadyen, and co directed and produced by Jo Lane. The show largely consisted of sketch comedy in short segments. Comedian Mark Mitchell created the character of Con the Fruiterer, which presented a sterotype of a Greek green grocer, with a particular accent and pronunciation of words.

Physical Description

Black metal badge. White text printed beneath plastic covering. Pin and clasp at reverse.

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