Alternative Name(s): Button, Pin

World War I era badge depicting Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener. It is unclear whether the badge was used for commemorative purposes following the Earl's death in 1916 or for fundraising purposes.

Following the outbreak of World War I, Kitchener was created the Secretary of State for War; as an advocate for the enlistment of more troops, his image appeared on some of the enlistment posters of the period. Although Kitchener was a popular public figure he was gradually relieved of his duties and his reputation was later damaged by his support for the Dardenelles campaign and the 1915 'Shell Crisis.' Kitchener was eventually sent on a mission to Russia in June 1916, unfortunately his ship - HMS Hampshire - struck a German mine off the Orkney Islands and Kitchener drowned on 5 June 1916.

Physical Description

Round metal badge in pink, white, green and sepia. Photo of Earl Kitchener inside a wreath. In border "EARL KITCHENER 1850 1916" Pin at back fits into slot.

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