White cotton bedspread made in Slovenia in 1908 by Ivanka Bobek's mother for her glory box. Although Ivanka's mother died when she was 13 months old, some of the items from her mother's glory box were kept and given to Ivanka when she married. Ivanka brought this bedspread along with several other items from her mother's glory box and a net scarf with her when she migrated to Australia in 1951, via Displaced Persons Camps in Europe. Each of the items Ivanka brought with her were handcrafted using traditional techniques, which she maintains.

The pair of Flounces (SH 990442) are a part of this bedspread, they are both different but would have been attached to the bedspread at the same time. The flounces are meant to be different designs so that when you were standing in different parts of the room you would get different views of the bedspread.

Physical Description

White bedspread with crochet panels. There are button holes around the edges where flounces would be attached. The pattern in the crochet is floral.


The practice of creating glory boxes is a tradition of many cultural groups represented in Victoria.

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