Pencil Drawing by Thomas Le. It depicts the first stage of Mai's escape from Vietnam: gathering other people, leaving with her children, a man's fear at being captured and being transferred into the large boat. It is one of a series of illustrations commissioned by the Immigration Museum used to tell the story of Mai Ho a Vietnamese 'boat person' who arrived in Australia in the 1970s. Copies of the illustrations were displayed but Thomas decided to donate the originals to the collection. Thomas is also a Vietnamese migrant who arrived in Australian in 1978 after leaving Vietnam.

Physical Description

Pencil drawing in colour. The first frame depicts a group of people furtively huddled against a wall discussing their escape. The second frame shows Mai hurrying down a street with her two children on the way to the escape point. The third frame depicts a man having a fit as he feared that the escape would be unsuccessful, he is gagged and pulled into the darkness. The final frame depicts groups of being transferred from a smaller boat into the larger one which would take them out to sea.

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