Map of Gallipoli & the Dardanelles, drawn by Amy Palmer (later Lavey) for State School No. 1508, Glenferrie Exhibition of Children's Work, Hawthorn Town Hall, in 1921. Amy was aged 13 years. The map was also exhibited at the Jubilee Exhibition of Children's Work in the Combined Schools of Victoria Jubilee in 1922.

Other maps drawn by Amy Palmer (Victoria, Tasmania, New Zealand and North America) and exhibited at this time are also held by Museum Victoria. She also won second prizes for freehand, scones, 'mission box gift' and 'most useful article from waste', and a first prize for a camisole.

State School No. 1508 was Hawthorn State School, in Manningtree Road, Hawthorn. It has also been known as Manningtree Road School, Central School and Glenferrie Primary School, its current name.

The choice of the Dardanelles and the patriotic statement of the map, seven years after the Anzac landing, underlines the continuing presence of World War I in popular memory.

Physical Description

Hand-drawn and coloured map of Gallipoli and the Dardanelles with a verse written by hand.

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