Printers proof consisting of a photograph of Phar Lap with strapper Tommy Woodcock, glued onto a sheet of thick cardboard, with text handwritten in pencil.

It is believed that this is a mock-up for a page of the Sporting Globe newspaper, published by the Herald and Weekley times, in the early 1930s.

Physical Description

Printers proof combining a sepia coloured photograph of Phar Lap and Tommy Woodcock with the written inscription, "Won Straight from Paddock" The photograph shows Phar Lap with his head over a wooden three rail fence, nuzzling Tommy Woodcock who may be offering him sugar. The writing, in stylised lettering, is in black ink which has been outlined in white. There are numerous printers' notations written in pencil and red ink. The proof has been mounted on a piece of cream cardboard.

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