Small round headdress with butterfly-like motif, perhaps for holding a wedding veil in place. Presumed to have been made by Miss Edith M. Barnett.

Miss Barnett was born in 1905 and lived at 558 Camberwell Road, Camberwell from around 1939. She was apprenticed as a milliner when she was about 16, first at Georgettes and later with Peggy Walsh. For many years Miss Barnett conducted her millinery business from her Camberwell home. She made headdresses for the National Ballet Company for many years, taught millinery at the YWCA and taught craft, especially millinery and the dressing of dolls, through the Country Women's Association (CWA). She also seems to have showed her work: in 1937 a Miss E. M. Barnett won first prize at the Royal Show for a lamp shade; in 1940 she received a Royal Show judges' award for two hand-made paper flowers in 'Art Crafts - Amateurs' section. In the 1930s and 1940s a Miss E.M. Barnett also won several prizes for cookery at the Show.

Physical Description

Small round headdress, which would be worn on top of the hair, perhaps holding a wedding veil in place. There is one butterfly-like motif in the front, made of diamente on stiffened and cloth-covered wire; smaller round wing-like motifs are on either side of the central one. The glass beads and diamente continue around the headdress. There is a tag on the headdress, with the number "7011" stamped on it.

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