Alternative Name(s): Shearing Machine; Schermaschine Nr51

Trimming machine made by Thorvald Clasen, circa 1950s-1970s. This machine was used by visually impaired workers to trim pile on mats n the matmaking workshop at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind from 1986 until it closed down in 1992. The machine was previously used to make mats at Pentridge Prison.

Physical Description

Long piece of machinery. Exhaust pipe extends out of top left. A shearing cylinder, enclosed in a green metal case forms top of machine. In front of cylinder is a wooden surface. Behind this, under shearing cylinder, is a spiked roller which draws mats through machine. On the right and left of machine are pulleys encased in green metal. On right side is green engine. Machine is supported on green iron frame.

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