Australia South Australia, Adelaide

Time Capsule Medal, 1976

Other Details: The Bank of Adelaide was formed in 1865 and operated until 1979, when it was purchased by the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. It was one of only a handful of companies in Australia that paid a dividend to its shareholders since incorporation, and had had distinguished itself by surviving the 1893 economic crisis. In 1976 it issued this medal in association with TV channel SAS 10 (later Channel 7) and the Children's Medical Research Foundation to commemorate a time capsule.

Obverse Description

A rectrangle shape dated 1976 2001 with abstract shapes on top; around, BANK ADELAIDE SAS 10 TIME CAPSULE

Reverse Description

Two stick figures representing male and female standing, legs apart facing, girl holds leaf in extended right hand; on right CMR around, Channel 10 CHILDREN'S MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Edge Description


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