Australia Victoria Warrnambool
Medal - Warrnambool Industrial & Art Exhibition Commemorative 1896 (AD)

Other Details: This commemorative was struck at a mint set up in the exhibition to display minting. It was sold as a memento of attending the exhibition and probably originally had a small piece of ribbon and a pin so that it could be worn. The Exhibition was held on the site of the Warrnambool Town Hall, in the hall itself and specially-erected buildings; the Art Gallery & School of Arts rooms were also used. The Exhibition buildings covered 31,500 square feet, with a further 14,000 square feet of outdoor space. It opened on Monday 21 December 1896, declared a local public holiday. The Exhibition featured a range of competitions: musicals and recitations, map drawing, ironing, wood-chopping, butter and other dairy produce, domestic produce such as cakes, breads and confectionary, and wine and beer. It closed on 19 March 1897.

Physical Description

A gilt bronze medal (23 mm diameter) featuring a view of the building in which the exhibition was held and an Australian Coat of Arms.

Obverse Description

View of large building with five flags flying and six trees in front; above, INDUSTRIAL & ART EXHIBITION in exergue, 1896 / WARRNAMBOOL

Reverse Description

Australian Coat of Arms with kangaroo and emu supporters (no motto); around on broad rim, STRUCK AT THE EXHIBITION MINT

Edge Description


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