Medal awarded to Mrs (Annie) Flatow of Hotham, Victoria for her design employing seaweed and shells at the Bendigo Juvenile & Industrial Exhibition, 1879-1880.
Juvenile industrial exhibitions were held to encourage young people to compete in 'works of industry and usefulness', to impress the dignity and honour of labour, to nurture those in the trades, to show handiwork, to share ideas, to develop the idea of 'useful employment' in leisure hours and to create a 'taste for the fine arts and ornamental works, so as to make the home attractive' (Official Record, Australian Juvenile Industrial Exhibition, Ballarat, 1890).

Physical Description

Silver prize medal (35 mm diameter) of the exhibition awarded to Mrs Flatlow for a design with seaweed and shells. It features the Geelong shield which is quartered: sheep, wheat, wine, and ship

Obverse Description

Geelong Coat of Arms featuring in quarters of shield: sheep, wheat, wine, and ship; motto, BY THE RIGHT USE OF GOD'S GIFTS; below, ALTMANN.

Reverse Description

Around on broad rim, . GEELONG INDUSTRIAL & JUVENILE EXHIBITION 1879-80 . at centre, AWARDED TO / Mrs. J. Flatlow / Hotham / IDESIGN / Seaweed & Shells

Edge Description


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