Australia Victoria
The Governor's Prize 1899 (AD)
Mint: P. Blashki & Sons
Awarded to: Not issued
Other Details: Governor's Prize medal, not issued. It was made around 1900.

Physical Description

An unissued silver prize medal (45 mm diameter). It features a cow with calf and a Coat of Arms within a wreath of wheat, grape vines and ferns

Obverse Description

Cow with calf in field, farmhouse on right, wheat on left; above, THE GOVERNOR'S PRIZE; below AWARDED / TO (space in exurgue to engrave winner's name and date); in small letters above the exergue, P. BLASHKI & SONS

Reverse Description

The Governor's coat of arms within wreath of wheat, grape vines and wattle; motto on ribbon bemow, ARDUIS SOEPE METU NUNQUAM

Edge Description


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