This photograph album contains seventy-six photographs, twenty-six of which document the Melbourne International Exhibition, 1880. The photographs provide important visual evidence about the gardens around the Exhibition Building and interior exhibits, including detailed images of the British Art Court, the ceramic and pottery exhibits in the Main Hall, and the Avenue of Nations which ran the full length of the temporary annexe. The photographs are taken from glass plates and retain an excellent level of clarity and detail. The International Exhibition, held at the (Royal) Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, ran from 1 October 1880 to 30 April 1881.

The album also contains a number of photographs in the 'Frith's Series' (taken by British photographer Francis Frith or members of his staff) of Gibraltar and villages and towns in Britain.

Physical Description

Large photograph album, covered in red material, containing a range of black and white photographs of the Melbourne Exhibition Building during the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, together with a collection of views of England and Gibraltar taken by Francis Frith and Company. The front cover had a black, gold and red floral border, with the word 'Album' across the centre. The photographs are not titled in the album, but the curator's descriptions are: exterior view from south, near a path near Rathdowne Street exterior view from south, across lake with reflection Art Court with paintings, statuary and chairs Close up of statuary and art work, same Art Court exterior view, Nicholson Street garden, showing a fountain in the middle of garden beds exterior view, from Nicholson Street, showing French flags and a sculpture of a hunter with gun and two dogs larger interior view of an Art Court view of crockery display in Main Hall, including display by Thomas Webb and Sons; large art works on display on the balcony view of the German section with flags large view: Art Court in annexe with bunting view of wool display in Main Hall German display on balcony, with curtains; showcase with display from Brinsmead larger view of an Art Court, in annexe English Section: Avenue of All Nations, including display of whips by Zair Avenue of All Nations: other direction large view, looking up to the German display on the balcony displays of crockery, from Glasgow displays of crockery, Austria Art Court: sculptures, curtains, in an annexe Chandeliers, glassware, crockery, in an annexe (display from Austria?) Art Court in annexe, with paintings and sculptures Glass ware: possibly part of the Austrian Court Art Court, in the annexe


This photograph album contains a number of previously-unknown images documenting displays in the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition in the Exhibition Building. The images give visual evidence about the products displayed, the display techniques used, and the interior and exterior of the Exhibition Building in 1880. They are a valuable addition to the collection of graphic and other material relating to the history of the Royal Exhibition Building.

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